Tratamientos Faciales

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Facial Treatments: If you want to have a healthy, soft, luminous and radiant skin you need to take care of and protect it. There exist skin treatments according to the skin biotype and to its pathologies: photoaging, hyperpigmentation, hypotonism, scars, acne, rosacea, etc. In that respect, there are different treatments, the methodologies of which follow, in general lines, the following steps: hygiene, toning, correction and protection.

Tratamientos de piel:

  • Skin cleansing: Facial hygiene or “skin cleansing” aims at removing dirt deposited on skin surface with the purpose of leaving it on perfect conditions for its normal metabolism.
  • Anti-age Treatment: As time goes by, changes on skin’s texture, tightness and colour can be spotted. These changes are due to physiological changes of the body (such as menopause) or to external changes: sun exposure, climate, work type and place, environment pollution, stress, etc. The purpose of the anti-age treatment is to correct the loss of skin elasticity and toning, to modify the look of worn out skin, to delay wrinkles’ production, to restore luminosity to skin, etc.
  • Aberrant scars treatment: This treatment intends to improve the clinic and aesthetic look of scars and, depending on where they are placed, it can even improve the psychological aspect of a patient. This treatment includes a combination of different methods: chemical and/or mechanical peeling, ultrasound, massage, etc. with the purpose of improving the scarred tissue.
  • Facial stimulation: One of the aesthetics’ adversaries is muscle hypotonism and facial flaccidity, which are associated either with age, or with solar damage, or with brusque weight loss. The purpose of this treatment is to improve these aspects by using an electrostimulator or face contractor with electrodes having the adequate diameter to work on such delicate muscles. Electrostimulation combines with other treatments and is complemented by them.
  • Cosmetologic massage: It is done by means of different techniques and it is intended to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, to stimulate face, neck and neckline muscles, and to stimulate neuromuscular relax and distension. This is why it causes a better tissue oxygenation, a larger contribution of nutrient substances to cells and a better evacuation of toxins and waste.
  • Anti-contracturing massage on face, head and neck: In the same way as the previous one, this massage tends to accomplish neuromuscular distention of the face, head and neck area, adding the benefit of improving blood and lymphatic circulation and of achieving, thus, the evacuation of the toxins responsible for muscular contractures.
  • Progressive hair removal with electrolysis: It is applied on small areas: eyebrows, upper lip and chin and on patients that due to several reasons cannot use laser hair removal techniques. It removes hair gradually and, sometimes, delays its growth considerably.
  • Chemical or mechanical peeling: It is meant to produce the cell renewal of the corneal layer of the skin to accomplish some of the following benefits: wrinkles and skin folds correction, reduction or improvement of scars’ look, dyschromias treatment, etc. Chemical peeling uses different kinds of acids, while mechanical peeling uses different kinds of (natural or synthetic) exfoliating or abrasive products or equipment (diamond tip).
  • Manual lymphatic drainage: It is the most effective technique to drain the excess of fluid from tissues (edemas) and to achieve a quick recovery of hematoms (specially, on post-surgical periods). It helps the veins and lymph fluid return and the consequent toxins’ removal.

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