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Body Treatments: Similarly to face skin, body skin also requires special care. Some simple techniques can be done at home, while other more complex or specific procedures must be performed by professionals. Body skin must also be exfoliated to increase its permeability so as to obtain a 100 % benefit from all products used. Exfoliation can be done by means of a chemical or mechanical peeling; that is to say, using acids or exfoliating creams and gels, or microdermabrasion with diamond tip.

Body skin treatments according to the existing pathologies: hyperpigmentation, scars, ingrown hair, chest and neckline acne, back acne, etc.


  • Anti-age Treatment: As time goes by, changes on skin’s texture, tightness and colour can be spotted. These changes are due to physiological changes of the body (such as menopause) or to external changes: sun exposure, climate, work type and place, environment pollution, stress, etc. The purpose of the anti-age treatment is to correct the loss of skin elasticity and toning, to modify the look of worn out skin, to delay wrinkles’ production, to restore luminosity to skin, etc.
  • Treatment for cellulite and localized obesity: As regards cellulite tissue and localized obesity, several techniques intended to remove them are applied: massages, cold gels with occlusion, lymphatic drainage, equipment and it is complemented, in general (except for medical instructions on the contrary), with mesotherapy.
  • Treatment for ingrown hair: This treatment is performed during hair removal sessions and its purpose is to prevent ingrown hair to evolve into a folliculities that, when repeated, leaves sequelae difficult to treat afterwards.
  • Contouring: To contour some areas, in general, hips, waist, abdomen, thighs and buttocks, etc., several techniques can be combined: contouring and reductive massages, cold compresses (gels) and devices, such as, Russian waves, electrostimulation, iontophoresis. Mesotherapy is also recommended since it improves areas with fatty or cellulite tissue.
  • Aberrant scars treatment: This treatment intends to improve the clinic and aesthetic look of scars and, depending on where they are placed, it can even improve the psychological aspect of a patient. This treatment includes a combination of different methods: chemical and/or mechanical peeling, ultrasound, massage, etc. with the purpose of improving the scarred tissue.
  • Treatment of acne prone skin: In the same way as on the face, there are treatments to remove acne on the back and chest.
  • Body Stimulation: One of the aesthetics’ adversaries is muscle hypotonism and facial flaccidity, which are associated either with age, or with solar damage, or with brusque weight loss. The purpose of this treatment is to improve these aspects by using an electrostimulator or face contractor with electrodes having the adequate diameter to work on such delicate muscles. Electrostimulation combines with other treatments and is complemented by them.
  • Anti-contracturing massage on face, head and neck: This massage tends to accomplish neuromuscular distention of the face, head and neck area, adding the benefit of improving blood and lymphatic circulation and of achieving, thus, the evacuation of the toxins responsible for muscular contractures. Contractures on back and neck sometimes are responsible for some disorders that can be corrected with anti-contracturing and relaxing massages, done with appropriate products, tending to stimulate muscular distention and relaxation by increasing circulation and to the consequent evacuation of toxins deposited in tissues.
  • Progressive hair removal with electrolysis: It is applied on small areas: eyebrows, upper lip and chin and on patients that due to several reasons cannot use laser hair removal techniques. It removes hair gradually and, sometimes, delays its growth considerably.
  • Chemical or mechanical peeling: It is meant to produce the cell renewal of the corneal layer of the skin to accomplish some of the following benefits: wrinkles and skin folds correction, reduction or improvement of scars’ look, dyschromias treatment, etc. Chemical peeling uses different kinds of acids, while mechanical peeling uses different kinds of (natural or synthetic) exfoliating or abrasive products or equipment (diamond tip)
  • Lymphatic drainage: It is the best treatment to reduce cellulite. It is also the most effective technique for cellulite and edematous tissue and it helps the veins and lymph fluid return. It can also be used to achieve a quick recovery of hematoms (specially, on post-surgical periods.)

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