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Facial electrostimulator
Electrotherapy is used to improve muscular hypotonism and skin flaccidity.
Galvanic current facial and body electrostimulator
By means of the galvanic current, active substances penetrate into the skin through the iontophoresis process and allow performing several treatments on skin, such as toning, reduction, anti-cellulite, localized obesity removal, etc.
Electrotherapy is used to accomplish a tissues’ improvement on aesthetic treatments. It is used to treat cellulite and flaccidity, increase circulation, tone, improve skin tone, reabsorbe fluids, etc.
Russian and interferential currents electro-stimulator (Russian waves)
Through this specific type of waves and frequency, it is possible to work deeper and hypotonic muscles, accomplishing a muscular activity similar to the one produced by physical exercise and a stimulating effect for different aesthetic treatments.
It is a longitudinal wave associated with sound used for the treatment of disorders, such as cellulite, because it produces a cell and molecule micro-massage helping interstitial fluid reabsorption through the lymphs. It is also used for hematoms reabsorption.
Electric epilator
Hair by hair technique is used with radiofrequency current. It can be performed with electricity conductor tweezers or needle of similar characteristics and for personal use. It uses the hair as conductor to remove it.

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Hydration measurement device
By means of its (+) and (-) poles, skin hydration can be measured, allowing, if necessary, to correct the low or negative hydration levels.
High frequency
High frequency currents produce a micro-massage on skin stimulating circulation, thus, achieving a better oxygenation of the tissue. It generates ozone gas which produces lypoperoxidation of fat, leading to its curative, bacteriocidal and soothing effect upon acne.
Circulation of radio frequency streams raises skin temperature and, consequently, increase circulation helping to improve the tissue’s metabolism to produce more collagen on skin and on the subcutaneous tissue with resultant skin tightening.
Derma suction device
Suction (the intensity of which can be graded) allows for a vacuum massage on skin. It is only used for treatments of body disorders, such as, cellulite, localized fat, lymphatic and flebological disorders.
Diamond tip
Microdermabrasion removes the surface layers of skin, stimulating the regeneration of tissues, scars, acne, hyperpigmentation, etc. It increases skin permeability, and therefore allows a better absorption of active substances in any kind of treatment.